It’s time for wedding planning and the first thing you have to decide is the wedding day, if you could is better don’t have a fixed date before contact the providers you want with you, but is good to define the season of the wedding.

The most popular months to celebrate a wedding are summer months, especially July and September, the weather is good and with less probabilities to have a rainy day you can plan an outdoor and perfect weeding. On the other hand, it is possible that the best places are already booked and you have to wait until next year to get married in summer.


Spring is also a good season for the wedding, flowers and plants will shine and you can have a sunny day but without extremely hot.


The autumn months begin to be an option also valid, and more with these climatic changes, the temperatures still accompany and you can still enjoy a good day. In addition, the vegetation in autumn has a special color perfect for framing wedding photographs. Anyway, at this time you always have to have a plan B in case of rain.


Getting married in the winter months means lower costs because there is not much demand at this time, but time and short days make few couples choose these dates. The cold will condition the choice of the place since you will have to look for a closed space to perform the ceremony and the banquet, but it can be very beautiful. On the other hand, have you thought about a Christmas wedding? They have their charm and it can be very special to get married in a Christmas atmosphere.


The moment you have chosen the time of the wedding is the time to start looking for the ideal space and suppliers, it is time to start with the organization of the Wedding.

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